Guadagnòlo DULCIS

Organic extra virgin olive oil

Production Zone / Hills to the South of Firenze
Geographical Area / Municipality of Bagno a Ripoli in Florence 
Height/ 250m above sea level 
Olive Orchard Age / Centuries-old 
First crop Retailed / 2003 
Form of cultivation / Polyconic Vase 
Varietal / Moraiolo, Frantoio, Leccino and Americano Soil Management / Natural grass 
Harvesting System / By hand using shaker rakes and perforated crates 
Time between harvest and olive production / 12 hours maximum 
Milling Process / Mechanical grinder 
Extraction Method / Centrifugal cold extraction
Harvest Period / October – November 
Filtration Throught Paperboard/ Immediate 
Bottling / On site using vacuum technology 



OlOrganic extra virgin olive oil
100% italian

During renovations at Fattoria Ramerino, a rare guadagnòlo was discovered alongside some terracotta oil storage jars from the nearby town of impruneta. Guadagnòlo is a Tuscan dialect word that describes a wide-necked antique terracotta urn that was used to hold the mill workers’ utensils. By the end of each day, a layer of oil would have gathered in the base of the urn, which was gifted to the workers. (Guadagno translates as “earning,” hence the root of the term guadagnòlo.) The origin of the word expresses the value historically associated with olive oil, and the importance of not wasting a single drop. For this reason, the guadagnòlo unearthed at Fattoria Ramerino served 


Best enjoyed with grilled fish and salads; also excellent with raw vegetables in pinzimonio (dipped into oil poured straight from the bottle).

Sensory characteristics

Medium-intensity fruit flavors dominated by notes of
perfectlyripened olive, with an aftertaste of almond and
nuts. A harmonious balance of sharpness and piquancy. Golden yellow in color, veined with green.
Best enjoyed with grilled fish, salads, or with raw vegetables
in pinzimonio (dipped into oil poured straight
from the bottle).

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